논문번호 논문제목 저자 (소속) 초록 발표
Transiently active regulatory elements during human endothelial differentiation mediate angiogenic activation of colorectal tumor-associated endothelial cells
Assembly of complete prokaryotic genomes from human fecal samples using HiFi metagenome sequencing
Chan Yeong Kim 1†, Junyeong Ma 1, and Insuk Lee 1∗
Microbial core genes as a taxonomy marker to discriminate species in bacterial genomes and metagenomes
Jehyun Jeon1, Ho-jin Gwak1, Hyun Jun Lee2, Mina Rho1,2,*
Sequencing and analysis to reveal genomic information of Pistia stratiotes(Water lettuce)
Halim Park, Sunghoon Choi, Myeongji Jung, and Yang Jae Kang*
Accurately deciphering antibiotic-resistance associated mobile genetic elements with metagenomic sequencing data
Youna Cho and Mina Rho
Long-read translatome analysis reveals multi-dimensional regulatory modules for translation
Ari Hong1,2, Seungbeom Han1,2, Hyeshik Chang1,2,3
Long-read translatome analysis reveals multi-dimensional regulatory modules for translation
Ari Hong1,2, Seungbeom Han1,2, Hyeshik Chang1,2,3
Phylogenetic relationship using mitochondrial genome in the Campanulaceae family
Chang-Kug Kim1, Ji-Nam Kang1, Mi-Hwa Choi1, Si-Myung Lee1
SoyDBean (G.max ver): a database for matching SNP positions derived from different soybean reference genomes
Yejin Lee, Yang Jae Kang*
Single cell analysis with monodispersed droplet without microfluidics.
Chaerim Lee
Transcriptome-wide Analysis of Psoriasis to Uncover its Potential Causal Gene Candidates
Yeonbin Jeong1, Jaeseung Song1, Wonhee Jang1,*
Single-cell analysis reveals underlying biology of poor prognosis in colorectal cancer infected by Fusobacterium nucleatum
Ilseok Choi1, Kyung-A Kim2, Han Sang Kim2,*, Insuk Lee1*
Phylogenetic analysis of Aspergillus oryzae from traditional meju with whole genome sequencing
Dong- Hyun Kim1, Ki-Tae Kim2, Jisu Lee1, and Seung-Beom Hong1*
Polysome profiling with long read sequencing identifies potential bifunctional RNA
Hansoll Na1, Kyungtae Lee1, Jiwon Choi1, Junho Choe1, 2 and Jin-wu Nam1 , 3
Meta-analysis of skin microbiome to identify core microbiome in psoriasis
Suyeon Lee 1 and Wonhee Jang 2, *
A Transcriptomic analysis of gyrencephalic cortex development in the miniature pig
Kyung-Tai Kim1,†,* , Hyun-Woo Jeong2,† , Jeong Ah Song1 , Young June Kim1 , Jeong Ho Hwang1,*, SuCheol Han1,*
Evolutionarily and syntenically conserved lncRNAs act as key regulator of neutrophil differentiation
Jihoon Kim1, Eunkyeong Jang2 , Hee-Joo Choi3 , Jeehee Youn2 , Jeong-Yeon Lee3 and Jin-Wu Nam1
Construction of virtual antibody library for vNAR (Shark variable New Antigen Receptor) based on computational methods
Soyoung An1,§ , Saehae Choi1,§ , Eun Yi Jeon1,§ , Won-Kyu Lee1 , Jung-Hyun Na2 , and Hyoung-Sam Heo1,*
Prioritizing the Susceptibility Genes for Prognosis of Male Pattern Baldness with Transcriptome-wide Association Study
Eunyoung Choi1 , Jaeseung Song1 , Wonhee Jang1,*
Benchmarking integration of single-cell differential expression
Hai C. T. Nguyen1† , Bukyung Baik1† , Sora Yoon1,2, Taesung Park3, Dougu Nam1,4*
Impact of sgRNA secondary structure on editing activity of CRISPR-SpCas9 system
A Vipin Menon1,2, Jang-il Sohn2 , Seokju Park1,2 , Junseob Han1,2 and Jin-Wu Nam1,2,3,4,5#
The landscape of circular RNAs in pre- and post-onset stages of gastric cancer
Seo-Won Choi1 , Hyo Joo Byun2, 3, Sang Kill Lee2, 3, and Jin-Wu Nam1, 4, *
Transcriptional profiling reveals mesenchymal subtypes of small cell lung cancer with activation of the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and worse clinical outcomes
Hae Jin Cho1,2,3 , Soon Auck Hong4 , Daeun Ryu1,2 , Sook-Hee Hong2,5,* , Tae-Min Kim1,2,*
Investigation of skin microbiomes to identify factors affecting the severity of scalp psoriasis
Hyunseong Kim1 , and Minho Lee1.*
Inhibition of 11β-Hydroxysteroid dehydrofgenase type 1 can ameliorates liver fibrosis and changes immune cell population in mouse peripheral blood mononuclear cells
Ji Eun Kim * 1 , Yun Kim*2,3, Ji won Bae 4 , Eileen Laurel Yoon 5 , Hyun Sung Kim 6 , Sung Ryol Lee 7 , Dae Won Jun**1,2,5, Tae Hyun Yoon**4
Bioinformatician-Initiated Translational Research: Real-Time Genomic Surveillance for Infection Control and Antibiotic Stewardship
Jun SR1, Udaondo Z1 , Abram K1, Kothari K1
Pan-cancer 3D chromatin structural changes
Mooyoung Kim1 , Inkyung Jung1
Identification and Analysis of Structural Variation-mediated 3D Chromatin Disorganization in Cancer
Kyukwang Kim1 , Inkyung Jung1
Revealing epigenetic gene regulation mechanisms in gliogenesis
Seongwan Park1 , Inkyung Jung1
Single-cell transcriptome analyses reveal distinct gene expression signatures of severe COVID-19 in the presence of clonal
Baekgyu Choi1 , Inkyung Jung1
Single cell based gene module analysis in Ankylosing Spondylitis
Dongwon Lim1 , Inkyung Jung1
A comparison of MiRNA expression from histiocytoma, mast cell tumor and squamous cell carcinoma of dogs
Eun Pyo Kim1 , WanHeeKim2 , Geon A Kim3
Systematic benchmark of data preprocessing methods and classification algorithms for disease predictions based on whole metagenome sequencing
Sungho Lee1 and Insuk Lee1*
KRAS activation in gastric cancer stem-like cells promotes tumor angiogenesis and metastasis
Changhwan Yoon1,8, Jun Lu2,8, Yukyung Jun3,8, Yun-Suhk Suh4,5, Bang-Jin Kim1 . Jacob Till6 , Jong Hyun Kim7 , Sandra Ryeom1 , Sam S. Yoon1
Chemotherapy may reset T cell immune profiles in high grade serous ovarian cancer
Huiram Kang and Hae-Ock Lee
Aberrant RNA association and compromised translation manifest in the respiratory tissues of SARS-CoV-2 pathology
junsoo Kim
Global copy-number alterations were correlated with reduced immune response in ovarian cancer
Doo Hyun Koh1 , Ju Won Ahn1 , and Sohyun Hwang1,2,3
Investigation of the radioresistance biomarker in triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) using transcriptome analysis
Seoyeong Kang¹, Arang Son², Changhoon Choi², Wankyu Kim¹
Computational Workflow Predicting Metabolites Associated with Somatic Mutation in Cancers by Using a Genome-scale Metabolic Model
GaRyoung Lee1 , Sang Mi Lee1 , Sungyoung Lee2 , Chang Wook Jeong2 , Hyojin Song2 , Sang Yup Lee1 Hongseok Yun2 , Youngil Koh2 & Hyun Uk Kim1*
Meta-analysis of single-cell RNA-sequencing data for depicting transcriptomic landscape of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Yubin Lee1 , Jaeseung Song1 , Wonhee Jang1, *
A comprehensive evaluation of biomedical named entity recognition
Yesol Park1,*, Gyujin Son2,*, Mina Rho1,3,†
A comprehensive evaluation of biomedical named entity recognition
Yesol Park1,*, Gyujin Son2,*, Mina Rho1,3,†
T cell exhaustion and senescence in the livers of patients with liver cirrhosis or NASH.
BYEONGCHANG Sim1,2, Hyon-Seung Yi1,2
Identification of De Novo and Rare Inherited Structural Variants in the Korean Autism Spectrum Disorder Cohort
Ganghee Lee1,2, JaeHyun Kim1,2, Da-Yea Song3 , Jaehyun Han3,4, Jung Woo Park5 , Junehawk Lee5 , Eunjoon Kim6 , Hee Jeong Yoo3,4, Joon-Yong An1,2
Augmentation of RNA m6A Reader Signature is Associated with Poor Survival by Enhancing Cell Proliferation and EMT across Cancer Types
Jaeik Oh1,2,9, Chanwoong Hwa3,4,5,9, Dongjun Jang6 , Seungjae Shin6 , Soo-Jin Lee6 , Jiwon Kim6 , Sang Eun Lee6 , Hae Rim Jung7 , Yumi Oh7 , Giyong Jang7 , Obin Kwon6,7, Joon-Yong An3,4,*, and Sung-Yup Cho1,6,7,8,*
Estimating immunological landscape alteration during adenoma-carcinoma sequence of colorectal cancer
Jaeseung Song 1 , Daeun Kim 1 , Junghyun Jung 1,3, † , Eunyoung Choi 1 , Yubin Lee 1 , Yeonbin Jeong 1 , Byungjo Lee 1 , Sora Lee 1 , Yujeong Shim 1 , Youngtae Won 1 , Hyeki Cho 2 , Dong Kee Jang 2 , Jong Wha J. Joo 3 , Hyunwoo Kang 2, ‡, * , Wonhee Jang 1, *
BERN2: an advanced neural biomedical named entity recognition and normalization tool
Mujeen Sung1,† , Minbyul Jeong1,† , Yonghwa Choi1 , Donghyeon Kim2 , Jinhyuk Lee1,*, and Jaewoo Kang1,3,*
Sequence tagging for biomedical extractive question answering
Wonjin Yoon, Richard Jackson, Aron Lagerberg, Jaewoo Kang*
Clinical & Omics Data Archive
Yun Gyeong Lee1 , Kim Jeong Eun1 , Mi Yeong Hwang1 , Ye-Eun Han1 , SunHo Choi1 , You Jin Kim1 , Dongun No1 , Hee Youl Chai1 , and Park Hyun-Young2*
Development of alternative testing methods for drug-induced liver injury prediction
Hyun Kil Shin1 , Se-Myo Park1 , Hang-Suk Chun1 , Sangwoo Lee1 , Daeui Park1,2, Myung-Gyun Kang1 , Jung-Hwa Oh1,2, Woo-Keun Kim1,2 , Seokjoo Yoon1,2
Wavelet-transform based inter-resolution contact matrix processing
Dongchan Yang1 and Inkyung Jung1
An equivariant graph neural network for assessing the quality of structural models of protein complexes
Ha Young Kim
Machine learning methods for predicting DNA- and RNA-binding proteins reveal that protein domains are not the main contributors to identify nucleic acid-binding proteins
Sung-Gwon Lee and Chungoo Park
Degree-aware algorithms for Variational Autoencoders based breast cancer gene prioritization using proteotranscriptomic data.
Jong-Ho Ji1,2, Min-Young Song3 , Byung Gon Kim1,2,6, Hyunjung Shin4,5 and Soo Youn Lee1,2*
Ultra-fast Prediction of Somatic Structural Variations by Reduced Read Mapping via Pan-Genome k-mer Sets
Jang-il Sohn1,2,&, Min-Hak Choi1,&, Dohun Yi1,&, A Vipin Menon1, Yeon Jeong Kim3, Junehawk Lee4, Jung Woo Park4 , Sungkyu Kyung5 , Seung-Ho Shin5 , Byunggook Na6 , Je-Gun Joung7 , Young Seok Ju8,9 , Min Sun Yeom4 , Youngil Koh10, Sung-Soo Yoon10, Daehyun Baek11, Tae-Min Kim12, and Jin-Wu Nam1,2,13*
PIC-Me: Paralogs and Isoforms Classifier based on Machine-learning approaches
Jooseong Oh# , Sung-Gwon Lee# , and Chungoo Park*
A machine learning model for classifying G-protein-coupled receptors as agonists or antagonists
Jooseong Oh1 , Hyi-thaek Ceong*,2, Dokyun Na*,3, and Chungoo Park*,1
다변량 단일요인모형을 이용한 다차원 약물반응도 예측 방법
SungMin Chi and SaeYoung Park
Designing Complementarity Determining Regions with a Given Antibody-Antigen Complex Structure using Equivariant Graph Neural Network
Woosung Jeon
Evaluation and reconstruction of sequence-based protein function prediction models in KO annotation.
Euihyun Bhae1 , Shinhyun Park2 , Mina Rho1,2,3 *
Multi-leveled Guilt-by-Association based drug repurposing by integrating clinical knowledge on biological heterogeneous networks
Dongmin Bang
Memory efficient assembler with simple cycle removal
Taehee Kim and Mina Rho
5-메틸사이토신 분석을 위한 NgTET1 효소 엔지니어링
Chanwoo Moon
Development of an Analytical Algorithm for Human O-GlcNAcylation using LC-MS/MS
Dasom An1 , Hyejin Kim1,2, Jin Young Kim1 , Jong Shin Yoo1,2, Heeyoun Hwang1*
Deconvolution of Transcriptomic Changes Caused by Drug Multi-target Perturbation using Neural Network
Ji-Eun Sung
RepeatLab: a user-friendly diagnosis pipeline for repeat expansion diseases using targeted nanopore sequencing
Yoojung Han1,2, Hyeshik Chang1,2,3* , and Ja-Hyun Jang4*
Machine Learning-Based Evaluation of Model Extraction and Simulation Methods for High-Quality Cancer Patient-Specific Metabolic Models
Sang Mi Lee1 , GaRyoung Lee1 , Hyun Uk Kim1*
Generating ML-QSAR model to predict antioxidant activity of novel compounds
Juyoung Cho, Sanghwa Yoon and Yang Jae Kang*
Predicting blood-brain-barrier penetration using LightGBM algorithm
Bilal Shaker1 , Myeong-Sang Yu1 , Jin Sook Song2 , Sunjoo Ahn2 , Jae Yong Ryu2 , Kwang-Seok Oh2 , and Dokyun Na1,*
Interpretable Drug Response Prediction Model Using Knowledge-Guided Graph Neural Networks and Transformer
Jihye Shin 1 Yinhua Piao 2 Sun Kim 1,2,3,4 Kyuri Jo 5
Cancer survival prediction from multi-omics data using machine learning
Kyung Eun Kim1 , Je-Keun Rhee1*
Designing potent and safe drug candidates by deep reinforcement learning algorithms with relative topological distance-based electron interaction tensor as an input representation
Hyun Kil Shin1 , Seungsang Oh2
shRNAI: Highly Accurate Prediction of shRNA Potency with a Deep Neural Network
Seokju Park and Jin-Wu Nam
Comprehensive analysis of single nucleotide variant detection via read-depth differences of whole genome sequencing data
Soobok Joe1 , Dongyoon Lee1 , Jisu Kim1 , Jin Ok Yang1,2,* , and Seon-Young Kim1,3,*
Comparative analysis of structural variation callers for massive whole genome sequence data
Soobok Joe1 , Jin Ok Yang1,2, and Seon-Young Kim1,3,*
Predicting mechanism of action of novel compounds using compound structure and transcriptomic signature co-embedding
Gwanghoon Jang1 , Sungjoon Park1,*, Sanghoon Lee1,3, Sunkyu Kim1,3, Sejeong Park1,3 and Jaewoo Kang1,2,3,*
Development of a pipeline analyzing whole genome sequencing data of S. pneumoniae causing pneumonia
Eunju Hong1 , Hyunseong Kim1 , and Minho Lee1.*
Identifying redundant barcode sequences for pooling deletion strains in S.Pombe knock-out library
Eunju Hong1 , and Minho Lee1.*
Cell type estimation from lncRNA expression in bulk tissue by deep neural networks
Hye-Lim Mo1 , Je-Keun Rhee1*
Investigation of cancer metabolic subtypes according to mitochondrial respiration dependence
Soyeon Jeong† , Soyeong Son† , Minsung Lee† , Sang-Min Park*
Immune cell composition prediction from miRNA expression profiles using random forest
Seoyoung Park1 , Je-Keun Rhee1*
Cell type common super-enhancers shape speckle-associated inter-chromosomal interactions
Jaegeon Joo1 , Inkyung Jung1
Molecular Docking Study for indazole based derivatives towards AblT315I kinase
Jung Woo Park1*
Identification of toxic signature in transcriptomic space
Inyoung Sung1† , Sangseon Lee 2† , Dongmin Bang 1 and Sun Kim1,3,4,5,*
The molecular characteristic of weighted gene co-expression networks at cellular senescence
Seonjeong Woo1 , Dong Jun Shin1 , Sohyun Hwang1,2,3,*
Metabuli: a metagenomic classifier that combines protein- and DNA level classification to achieve both high sensitivity and specificity
Jae Beom Kim
Integrative proteogenomic analysis reveals long noncoding RNA-encoded micropeptide in triple-negative human breast cancer
Seongmin Cheon1, 2, † , Sarang Kim2,3, † , Hyeyoon Kim1,3, and Dohyun Han1,3,*
scHumanNet: a single-cell network analysis platform for the study of cell-type specificity of disease genes
Junha Cha1 , Jiwon Yu1 , Jae-Won Cho2 , Martin Hemberg2,*, Insuk Lee1,3*
Deciphering differences of race and age with microbiome and resistome in human gut
Erin Kim and Mina Rho
Predicting bioactivities of chemical compounds based on graph attention network
Heesang Moon, Minyoung Kim, and Mina Rho
A BERT-based functional peptide screening model
Byungjo Lee1 , Min Kyoung Shin1 , Jung-Suk Sung1 , and Wonhee Jang1*
Proteome Data Platform for Data Collection and Analysis : Rice Proteome
DongU Woo, Yang Jae Kang*
Web application for stress-responses of Arabidopsis thaliana
Hohwi Jeon, Yang Jae Kang*
An effect of the rice strain in the genetic variant calling
Sunhee Kim, Dongju Lee, and Chang-Yong Lee
Gene Regulatory Network Reveals the Landscape of Myeloid Dendritic Cell Differentiation
Seoyeon Kim1 , Chanwoong Hwa1,2, Giri Nam3 , Eun Young Choi3 , and Joon-Yong An1,2,4*
NanoTox Radar: nanotoxicity prediction platform through incorporation of in vitro and in silico data
Hyun Kil Shin1‡, Kyeong Hwan Ahn2‡, Soojin Kim1,3, Bosung Ku2, Jimin Choi2,Sang-Hyun Lee2*, Seokjoo Yoon1,4*
TENET+: a tool for reconstructing gene networks by integrating single cell expression and chromatin accessibility data
Hyeonkyu Kim1#, Jiyoung Lee1#, Hoebin Chung1, Junil Kim1,@
Identification of kinase network underlying whole-genome doubling in non-small cell lung cancer
Eunhyong Chang1,2, Seunghwan Choi2, Joon-Yong An1,2,3
A robust and reliable approach for integrative transcriptome analysis through pathway impact score
Yeo-Gha Yoon
Prediction of Drug-Target Interaction based on Drug-Drug similarity network
HeeWon Yoon
Screening drug-target interaction using three-dimensional physicochemical representation with protein pocket attention.
Gina Ryu
Identification of Neighbor-Specific Gene Signatures Between Malignant and Tumor microenvironments by Integrating Single Cell and Spatial transcriptomics data
Jahanzeb Saqib1*, Beomsu Park1, Gahyun Kim1, Junil Kim1,@
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